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Wat4/Tick Tock People...

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

I, too, have a long-standing dream. It has to do with the flipping of a coin.

It tells of a world that does put women and children first.


It was a simple solution to a major problem, and it happened this way...

This universe is made up of balance/harmony.

Each person born is made from both female and male.

One side protects, and the other nurtures.

Instinctually the protector by nature began to dominate the nurturer.

This imbalance has created all our chaos.


The rest lead back to a continuance, resulting in the same instability.

However, if we flip the coin, if we shift the social consciousness;

we will know the balance we share.

Let the nurturers show us how to "naturally" care.

Nurturers' will not harm life.

They respect all and are the closest example of God we bear.

Nurturers know more than anyone whom they birthed!!!

And it begins with acceptance.

The protectors have had their time.

We have shown the world what kind of society we inadvertently create by imbalance.

Now it's time to let the other side harmonize what we have created.

The protectors can have a business and all that it is.

Supported by God, "what is yours is yours."

But no more putting the foxs' in charge of the hen house.

No more believing in the locks bolted and the snares set outside.

Show me a man who says he runs the home, and I will show you an imbalance

or a woman bringing home the doe who is happy he is.

Not all nurturers are men )

100% Female /// 100% Male /// 100% Chosen


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