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Wat4/Tear-Off All The CRT Band-Aid...

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

If you want the truth, remove everything before it. ​

All opinions are irrelevant to reality. But we have made our opinion a reality.

Resulting in a sporadic imaginary friends formulation called CRT.

And all this relates to not knowing yourself; fancy that )


The only tags anyone should have are the monickers CRT is trying to remove.

No one person should have an identifier, to the extent of a name.

All become mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, sister, brother,

uncle, aunt...cousins in rant.

The one missing link between nature and thought:

Not fathoming what it was like before thought showed up.

To find it: All you have to do is remove your opinion of "it" "all."

We choose who we are; after our physical identity is chosen for us.

By accepting the terms of a diverse nature,

we in no way stand against any double-spirited individuals.

However, we are challenged with the cross-marketing of the natural order

with the erotica which comes after it.

It is wrong to combine all that is natural with all that is desired.

That is as wrong as telling children when they are naturally aroused, they are in love,

and the natural act is making love.

Those words chosen reverberate from predators to seduce.

There is love, and there is nature. Convincing people the love of nature is the same as nature creates falsehoods that break society's reality at a very young age and leave them vulnerable; easier to manipulate.

As VERIFIED thru theory.

In this life, we choose everything but "one" thing and it is

100% verifiable.

In a free and just society, the choices we make are our own.

We carry, pledge and live by them.

Then there is one thing we do not have to decide upon;

it is chosen for us.

Most are happy and content with what natural selection offered,

others not.

We stand as made: those who are defenders of the law of nature.

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