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Wat4/Origin part 3

Fear and vanity are the two base stigma required to produce the matrix.

When the mind matured to produce the ability to recall/memory/intake,

it combined with reason. Reason, which all species do, it is the connection to the energy force/holy spirit, referred to as the collective; if your moving you are reasoning to do so. This combination is what we call thought.

When it happened, it was like a voice inside our head, we didn't know what was communicating with us but it knew everything about us.

Everything became that of the voice.

We are a species literally spawned by a psychotic break.

Sadly after we became self-aware, realizing our thoughts are our own; we never had enough knowledge to challenge the initial assessment and carried the defined fear forward, harnessed by weakness/vanity.

Like a magnet of fear, inside a tube of steel.

We became scared not knowing what it was.

Vanity (reason) cocooned itself around fear, generating the will of man.

An energy source designed to push us against our energy life source.

Based on these two traits, of a cocooned repel system, thought further reasons to remove pieces of the human puzzle as it builds an understanding.

The mental capacity for deduction is voided by the missing pieces.

To complete the backdrop you have to create new pieces

that opinion again changes over time.

Which in turn distorts the picture and the truth forever.

The first example of this spawn before we became self-aware;

I am not the only looks, sounds and acts like me.

Another: it is her fault I can not control myself.

After generations of misinterpretations and denial;

the result is unclear.

Sounds like, CRT.

An example of the manipulation after on the path to control;

hunters and gathers are independent people; un-controlled.

So they tell you it's a bad thing; easier to eat slop from a can; you buy.

PS: All that and more is in the bible; in case you are needing a reference point.

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