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Wat4/Origin part 2

"You were made in your God's image", is not a personal statement.

That means there is an existence we call God and then mankind.

We communicate with reality (God) thru instinct.

It is the interaction of energy flow and the mind; no voice, we just know.

Everything we talk about is based on truth/reality;

if it did not exist, we would not be discussing it.

The confusion is in our imaginative interpretation of each fact;

the algorithm of our mental matrix we call thought.

The social construct created by the matrix is not the matrix.

The matrix is thought itself.

It is the containment/memory/absorption system

that we have spent our lives trying to think outside of.

We are living a cognitive design.

That little burning sensation in all of us; that thing we call will;

the pilot light of dissonance; trying to escape from the fear;

with those that have unwittingly sleepwalked, being the only aware.

Producing a species which walks in the opposite direction of its own reason.

Not knowing the direction, we harmonize with it.

The result of our journey; a mentally embossed reality.

Where the opinion of reality becomes the new reality.

And we question CRT???

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