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Wat4/Origin part 1

Everything came, after, our arrival;

including the instructions.


All characteristics/examples of our God relate directly to the Earth; Mother Earth; that which gives birth.

But when interpreted by the male, vanity turned "that which gives birth" into itself.

Why does that sound familiar?

Furthermore, it appears;

God's knowledge is based on Earth's existence, our reality.

Defining, "all" as "one" / itself, Earth (addition/constant).

I am everything and everywhere (only imagination takes you past your stare).

Whatever lands, stays-unconditional acceptance (gravity).

Giving forth in abundance (energy); defined by some as the holy spirit of God.

Thru which the Earth communicates; instinct.

The Earth communicates in its language; why all examples relate to nature; including our heaven and hell.

So why after all these years, do we still question?

Because mankind does not reason the same way as the Earth.

We are a subtractive/divisionary species placed within a multiplier.

We reason thru fear (subtraction),

"if we get rid of this, this, and this, all is good."

And we justify that reasoning with vanity (division/racism).

"I am...I am not afraid, I am smart..."

This cocooned energy formulation is a perpetual free energy formation,

that generates an energy we call, "the will of man";

also referred to as, cognitive dissonance.

Why we are confused after all these generations is because

when our collective mindset interprets reality,

we are actually re-interpreting reality without even realizing it.

Altering the characteristics of the Earth.

By comparing everything to ourselves;

we emboss the human footprint over reality.

And we are made that way to boot.

The result is we have never known what we think we know.

We live in an imagined reality.

What we doubt is our own redefined manipulated interpretations

(dreams) that unfold before us.

Vanity prevents us from accepting responsibility for our choices;

we end up blaming an invisible entity for free-will choices.

So, where did the initial fear come from?

It came from waking the species up after it fully matured.

This created the divide between

what we see (science) and what we think (religion).

Science studies what is.

Whereas religion only backs up too the memory of self,

and it only remembers standing upright...

To make that truth exist; they needed to redefine the same reality,

science studies; ...

The only way that can be successful is to focus on the verb, not the noun it is based on.

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