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Wat4/Law of Average meets Made by Design.

Updated: May 21, 2022

Walking away believing you have no responsibility for each step.

Vanity manipulates energy by its interpretation/opinion, which it believes is the truth to all; as it answers its own questions, it follows itself into hell. How? They deny the existence of the other side of the coin, only the head, not the beast/responsibility. Ironically all the time acknowledging there is a coin???

The imported choices are all based on the snowflake variations of interpretations. Not all people intentionally decide to follow satan/themselves; manipulating energy.

The only way to manipulate energy is to know you can and hide it from the rest. How do you do that? You taint its practice and hide its acceptance-generations come and go, blind to the fact that if something no longer exists, why does each generation have to deal with it???

The educational system is designed to hold you in a state of naivety; it did not put you there. The best example is Nicola Tesla; not one university teaches his work. That is beyond controlled narrative, that's the containment of knowledge; ie dumbing down.

The closest example of the trait required to project reality into reality is narcissism, man's complete detachment from that which HE uses to survive, reality(dems against freedom). 100% vanity, 100% self-absorbed, and a curse that must be reversed. You have the longest journey. You redrew the landscape we offer our souls to? You are literally offering your souls/energy to your body. Great when alive...only!!!

If you focus on the physical as your God, you give the material responsibility for it to carry your energy/spirit. You need to sit down and think about that, while you can still stand. What does that mean, and how does it compare to those who gave their spirit to the spirit? I will assume you believe air is weaker than the rock it encompasses; during its fall.

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