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Wat4/Did I hear someone say; you are walking away?

Updated: May 22, 2022

Turn around to find yourself: You are walking away, following your thoughts, your translation, interpretation, not your reality. How could it be made more precise?

Where do you turn to? Go back; go back to before memory of self, when everything was good; harness that essence you call innocence and step thru into life again with no expectations so you will never fail. The expectation is witchcraft, a way of controlling you; it weighs you down.

I was introduced to a wonderful little book many years ago by a very good friend, Mr. Clark, as his students would come to know him; The Tao of Pooh. Do not rise each day other than to rise. To achieve simplicity, you have to go back from where you were pulled from.

The world you preach is in the opposite direction of your path. You are walking towards a mental portrait created by someone else. Because you can change the picture, you feel you can build your future...each step away... Caring people will tell you, you are falling behind or going backwards.

The subtleties of witchcraft.

Words were used to put you in, and understanding that words will bring you out. All words carry a vibration; ask the deaf and blind; they are not dumb; they know harmony/vibrations. Your mind embosses itself over reality(God), distorting the reality of reality, yet all are a part of balance/harmony. The devil did not convince you HE didn't exist; vanity convinced yourself you were not.

What is even funnier; is you think the devil isn't the god you just tortured...all we have ever discussed is balance/equal and opposite reaction of one; so vanity reasons to torture the only one; you went first, now...

There is hidden meaning in all words; as you walk back, you will begin to connect them for the very first time. Walking with God is a walk in a forest. Ask any park Ranger, "Is it true that you will come across something that will amaze you each and every day?"

To be amazed is to be inspired; the subtleties of natural magic ) A natural magic most confused with the imagination triggered by it.

Inspired by a sea of continuous existence, and all it is, is discovery, as life has always been there...imagination is stagnant. Stop walking together...disperse but never be alone...never allow sin to fester in the false magic of privacy; all is one; in all plurality; you coined the collective.

PS There is no going down the rabbit hole; you are already in it. All you have to do is open your eyes; that light at the end of the tunnel..." head towards get outside.

Ever ask yourself why it feels so good to go for a walk?

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