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Wat4/Your World Unedited...

The world is governed by two equal and opposite methods of denomination;

Communism and Democracy (Communism Lite).

Each plays off the other as being different.

Both speak, although no voice is offered.


A controlled vote system.

If you do not vote the way you are told, you can't vote.

We send our children to war, defending a system designed to control them.

The following website will address this issue.

You have never been heard!!!

You have never been in control!!!

You have never been free!!!

We have always been enslaved, "conditioned" to believe we are free.

We have never, ever been free!!!

Would you like to be??? I would!!!

If you thought yes, then wake to your own programming.

People only understand mind control when it relates to everyone else.

That is divisionary reasoning that voids responsibility to its own truth.

That is the slumber you need to wake from...

And it's straightforward; tell yourself, minds absorb; dreams and reality;

minds recall the repetitions; like a heartbeat...

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