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Wat4/Wake up sleepwalkers...

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Moving pieces of the human element to complete its picture.

The best analogy depiction between being woke and awake; woke is sleepwalking. It is the transition from deep sleep to questioning(rolling over) the voice to accept the voice's redefined answer, and you return to the comfort of the slumber, avoiding the dissonance brought on by waking up and realizing it was all a bad dream. There is no reason to fear anything.

You can not speak of voice without including frequency. And yes, there are multiple variations to frequency to the extent of the word. )

Another analogy; those who are still unaware and mocking the truth(reality as it is, not as it is defined) as a conspiracy; your minds are still in the cave dominated by the darkness of fear and doubt where a parents hand is required for security; they will tell you that you need a government to control you and protect you as you can not do it yourself. And I am not referring to your physical; I am referring to your emotional imbalance. Naturally occurring alignments create an imbalance within your traits; if aware, easily corrected without chemicals. You need chemicals to do it for you; by not letting you know you can.

People are unaware: for control, fear has been kept alive in the conscious level to hinder its removal subconsciously.

And then I have had a wonderful experience with narcism. And there is a connection with responsibility. Narcissists can not accept responsibility. They can reason wonderfully and even escalate due to the minority of one trait; care, but they can not accept responsibility for their own actions (a naturally "taught" characteristic of the male population but not limited to males).

This block in a mental system designed to absorb prevents some people from growth, and this deadweight affects all those around them by weighing them done by the same controlling narrative; this is known as witchcraft!!!

PS It is bright on all eyes coming out of the darkness...your eyes will adjust, and for the first time, you will realize there are two to see and one to be =


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