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Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Humans have been compared to snowflakes.

No snowflake is the same but made up of the very same ingredients.

Our combinations of identical personality traits are as varied as snowflakes.

The result is that we all interpret things differently,

not intentionally, which is very important to know.

Individuals unwittingly interpret the same event/topic/word separately from all others; this becomes your opinion/expression each of us mistakingly interprets as the truth of all matters, not merely our separate interpretation/opinion.

The cross-over in reasoning is that we are taught for the sake of self-esteem that our opinion is essential, which does not mean you are right; it references that you are more than your opinion.

These varying traits also determine confidence level.

However, though confident people lead, not all leaders can reason.

The third factor is that unsettled parenting can blindly suppress natural leaders.

Within this struggle, we are taught by deceivers that our wants are needs.

Understanding that is where our social struggles begin and end.

These are the things school should be teaching; becoming human, knowing what it is to be human, but it is hidden from you like all things.

Cognitive dissonance intervenes when someone tries to awaken you to them; a sense of discomfort is felt; people excuse or label conspiracy.​


Your opinions, experiences, and responses

are irrelevant to the truth to which you are witnessing.


Your mind is a conglomerate of three things, the cacoon (thought) and its derivatives; imagination, opinion; then all of the resulting social constructs.

If you are not aware of the separation, you will mistakenly put them all together as Aristotle.

Thought is the combination of memory and reason, cocooned by fear and vanity.

This entwined repulsion produces an energy known as

"The Will of Man"; also known as perpetual motion.

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