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Wat4/Think Outside the Box/Tube...

You live within the confinements of a controlled social construct;

similar to living at home with your parents.

Your voice is limited and controlled; for your good.

On a social level, the manipulation is known as the electoral system.

It does not count all the voices in its house.

It's like Mom and Dad on steroids.


Count all voices spoken in support of a leader/parent or not.

Translation: I do not accept your authority;

therefore, retain my voice and speak for myself.

A system that counts all voices as equal.

Sound rational???

You may think so, but the social order does not.

Leaving you no other option but to take ownership of your voice.

Something your parents never had and always wanted.

You can now bring them that respect they deserve.

The ultimate gift; an actual Democracy; FREEDOM!!!

Honour them by empowering your say in "all matters."

Parents never raised you to sit!!!

They raised you to believe in yourself and stand.

Count all CITIZENS in every election.

You can't call it a majority win; unless you count the majority.


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