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Wat4/The world's missing link...

LEO Tolstoy: An arrogant person considers himself perfect.

This is the chief harm of arrogance.

It interferes with a person's main task in life; becoming a better person.

The missing link is the understanding of that act.

People are born unaware that the world they were born into exists based on frequencies. Our snowflake existence means we internally are all vibrating on a different frequency that aligns with how we interpret.

We should be aware that we must all individually balance our own frequencies to harmonize with our surroundings.

In a perfect world, this would be, but in our world, not only is it not discussed to bring all together, but those who are in control because of the separation are also changing the frequencies of our entertainment we saturate ourselves in; to a frequency which holds cells apart.

This dominoes into our society and social construct, which we then scream at each other over, as if it's someone else standing on our tails-not ourselves.

Your world can be created, and therefore is argued that we are nothing but thought...that is a translation interpreted by imagination...stay with reality, not the reflection.

And all that plays into emotional displays of unsettled frequencies. Those who snap have lost control of the vibrations inside as mentally you fuel or shut down all frequencies. People are blind to the connection between thought and concentration.

What you concentrate on you become and why they say you are judged by your friends as if your friends are successful likely you will be also.

The one challenge with people dealing with the ability to heal their inner soul is the word repetition.

If you try and change within the environment you are around by the repetition of that world you will become.

Epilogue: If you want to change and grow, you must be willing to change your friends; they can follow but if not leading do not. In part 2 I will share with you my ten commandments.

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