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Wat4/Talking about mental fatigue;...

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

man does not realize it responds by the same shadows from which it hides.

Example: jealousy is insecurity and guilt.

If a person feels insecure it is because the other person makes them feel that way. It is also because they entered the relationship weak and vulnerable. Since we are born into a vibration called cognitive dissonance, we tolerate individual levels of feeling uneasy about things. This causes you to put everything into a relationship that means nothing. You never receive what you mentally need and that covers over by focus the things you receive or truly do need-from another.

For example; a person randomly talks/flirts with your friend; your friend returns and you are mad that they were talking with the person; why??? Because if you were the other person flirting, you would have been doing it out of wanting, so you auto-translate their actions to be the same...not...have you ever been brushed off by a smile because the individual said they have a ? did you feel about them-then???

Insecurities do reign in paranoia; just know it is real and purposeful. The translation/the discomfort is amplified in the teaching to sit and wait to be saved.

The battle is to know yourself and how you fit into the real picture. Can not be done without knowing your origin. That can not be achieved by doing what you are doing; listening to what you are listening to. Stop answering your own questions; its you!!!

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