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Wat4/Mental fatigue/Dementia/How media wins!!!

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

I am not convinced that vaccines solely bring on brain fog or dementia.

Besides the obvious environmental issues, TV teaches the mind to stop working, literally. It's there and turned on but not assimilating, only absorbing.

When age hits and the diet is not there to maintain a healthy mind and years of abuse, the mind ceases to auto store information. The mind does not upload new information and skips like a broken record.

Possible solution: teach the mind before it forgets what it is. How? Tell it because it can still reason.

Interestingly my system word checked mind with reason. I mention this because thought comprises memory; the ability to store energy, doubt; mind and reason; the energy you hold; life, existence.

It is then cocooned with fear and vanity as its core base to reason its surroundings.

All were utterly unaware of the natural path; all were set on.

PS: The complete unknown: we never woke by thought until the mind was fully matured and upright. However, reasoning/life was always there, and everything reasons/everything is alive. If you are moving, you are reasoning to do so.

The correct word is mind (as the physical writes the system); it refers to physical deterioration. The energy which drives all is what is needed to rewrite the pattern.

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