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Wat4/Electoral Pledge...

"We Will Not Silence Our Voice"


The answer to our political dynasty has nothing to do with policy or law.

They focus on policies to distract us from the actual answer, which is so much simpler.

It Has To Do With Integrity.

Restore the value/integrity of the vote.

Solution All Votes Matter /// All Voices Heard \\\ All Opinions Honoured

Cast into a political void or not.

We demand that an Electoral Option be attached to the ballot.

We will no longer follow the options you offer us.

We will state the change we want you to follow.

We will be the answer to our own prayers, with no limitations.

We will not raise our children under submissive banners.

We will self empower all and fear none by doing so.

We are no longer manipulated by vanity.

All stable structures begin with a strong foundation.

Our foundation is built on one purpose.

It shall never waiver from this stand nor sway from its point.

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