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Wat4/CRT-Cause and Effect/Search for Internal Acceptance: Part2

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Suppression is key for low self-esteem to harness CRT.

In a suppressed world like the one we live in where society is born into the pressure which we then assume is natural and we assimilate, or our minds can not accept the contradictions, and we go crazy; that is what the crazy is, by the way. The majority can not assimilate into the absurd and feel it is them that is the problem because we make them feel as if they are the problem just as the woke are doing now to us.

This group will also consist of all definitions of weakness defined as strengths; a characteristic of low self-esteem; it feels the need to build itself up, but it is not strength to know how to formulate strength, so it takes its inferior personality and makes up its version of strength which means you need a new truth on which it substantiates the claims.

And that is what the individuals do, and then the controllers know that and feed that and separate (they came for the...and we did this is all on us we turned our back on weakness as if not our concern-guess what?)

We as a society are our double-edged sword,

with two sides believing they are not a part of the same movement.

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