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Wat4/This election screams for Electoral Vote Evolution(EVE) !!!

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

FUREY: Is Canada moving towards the left? | True North (

No, we are not!!! We have always been there. The real question is, do we want to change?

From the article: Justin Trudeau has won another term as Prime Minister, albeit with the lowest percentage of the vote in Canadian history.

I could spell that many different ways, but it all means one thing; our vote has no value, it is bankrupt, and the bankers now own it and, in reality, always have. The result: the people do not see value in voting.

And the controlled (those who believe themselves independent) will not take it back. Instead, we coward (defined as independence) and reason not to vote. Others reason the worst-case scenario is better than communism.

When in reality, all it takes to correct the entire system is to add a place to put a mark...not all battles use bullets.

Can it be any simpler?

Does it have to be more straightforward?

Do we need an automated system to save us?

Maybe we can get the government to do it for us?

Or follow a woman; EVE!!!

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