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Wat4/Not intentional racism, however, opinion is divided...

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Not to pick sides, but vanity is separation. It reasons in elimination. If we get rid of this and this and this, all will be perfect. Both fear and the vanity associated with it are the foundation of all thought. This concoction is then filtered thru individual personality traits and redefined, which is the locking level. The opinion holds all in place.

Vanity breaks things down (our nature for numbers is not random) and then smash them together to find the god they are standing on. Although blind and ignorant of self, to venture where it has never gone, man will soon understand the difference between regret and eternal regret.

What racism is based on is what drives opinion, and that is vanity. Vanity = Separation

The magic for racists is they use the results of racism as an excuse to be racist.

I would assume there is no bigger elephant in the room than this topic. This is my territory.

We are all racists, period! Deal with it! We never created the way that we reason; it was created for us. We were, however, offered guidance to fight its seduction. The thing that irritates me is when the Democrats say, "everyone is racist," they are pointing fingers simultaneously. Too which any intelligent person would say, that's about right. Amen )

More to the point, pointing fingers is the original act of vanity used in a time of extreme doubt and fear. This fear spawns vanity. Thought(memory combined with reasoning) needed to defend itself against fear, developing a facade called vanity. Examples would start with, "I am...not afraid...strong...brave...intelligent"

Epilogue: Inclusion is everyone; exclusion is where you can stick your finger. But the entire way we reason is divisional. We talk about, try to follow and emulate that which adds ("all is one"). That translation required to keep following your thoughts or, as written, walk your path produces an embossed existence.

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