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Wat4/How they did it...Forked Tongue Politics 101

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

They took our voice and told us what to hear (TV Programming).

"They" gave us a vote. As a ballot stands, it is our only hope at justice. But then "they," in the name of democracy, removed our votes' value/power by telling us how we must use it, voiding all those who disagreed.

Democracy; how many were sacrificed in its defence?

Our vote is everything. Most are not aware, and due to the filth which run our governments, we downplay the power of the vote ourselves, some to the point of complete removal.

For those silenced, your vote is you, your voice, your rights, your family's freedom and they have meaning; you have value.

It is time to cash in.

We are one; we share the same value. Without us, there is none!

Where we go one, we go all!!!

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