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Wat4/CRT: Communist Propaganda; designed to divide...

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

I am proud to announce: You are born either male or female.

Whatever sex you are attracted to is irrelevant; you are either male or female by design.

You can remove and replace body parts and transition the entire body function does not remove your origin of being either male or female.

Being able to augment and change does not remove your origin. You can not take an opinion eraser and change it. You can have an opinion on it but it's as you are; your origin.

And your opinion of that is irrelevant; you must realize it is only for yourself and your limited circle of exhibitionists.

In my entire explanation, did I ever speak against you or try to stop you from being you?

Yet, your views take away my freedom to choose, which is the entirety of your argument. That is as much a contradiction as you attempting to remove our entire history and replace it with your opinion.

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