What began as a website for my son;

turned into a hypothetical solution for his freedom.

The following website is that hypothesis.

The hidden pages are my words to my son.

The locked pages are my thoughts on our collective matrix and man's origin.

"Q": "How will you ever know you are reading the truth?"

"A": "The truth will take nothing from you and offer you everything in return.

The truth has no self-interest, no responsibility to be anything but itself;

what it is responsible 4!!!"


The world is sliding into chaos.


We see a world standing together as One, on One Earth. One truth in opposition to the plural lie.


The opinion of reality is "NOT" the "knew" Reality.


To unlock the human mind from the thoughts that bind it, contain it and suppress it from within.

For every person who agrees:

You will be rewarded with a single share in the new social plurality(party).

There is no denominational value to the share; the value is in the person who holds it.

To maintain its structure, value, and core; 

donations will not increase the value or its bond.


All voices must have the same importance, right, and effect.

Therefore donations must come from the heart; the heart of One. 

They will not be accepted based on a favour, control or influence. 

This way society will always be; of, for, and by the "same people."


"Everything is One" 

As the example of God's reasoning; existence/reality; the One Earth for the One People.