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 Tear  Off  The  Band=Aid  

We, the people, have been duped;

we are fighting against our own futures...





Find inspiration at every elevation...

People, there is no time left to hide!!!

The revolution is upon us, and we need to wake up. 

We are in the most dangerous and challenging time in the history of humanity.


Someone wants to rewrite our futures without our consent.


From this step forward, you must walk without doubt, fear or intimidation and ignite the fire within. 


You must understand that it is you who must initiate the will to survive.

You need to learn how to take care of your own needs by not listening to someone else's.


We are conditioned to be comforted. 

That is the first hurdle we must shatter. 


There is no spoon; there are no limitations;

there is no fear!

4 minutes...of silence... maintain that elevation !!!

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