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The only way out...;


Image by JJ Ying

 Vision * Knowledge * Understanding 
Knowing what you see by knowing how you see 
what they tell you, you see; based on their manipulation of the three. 

 Thought/reason is a mesh of three options; yes/no/maybe. 

 All topics begin with the first root of three; agree/disagree/maybe and   break down into a multitude of variations, voiding any potential 

 assimilation, bound within its "own" matrix. 

 An example is politics; one right and one left, yet both agree on humanity. 

  The further variation comes from who interprets; strength or weakness. 

 Neither tolerates the other.  The dominoes continue to fall. 

 Nothing gets done; a system held within its own check. 

 One demanding action to get it done. 

 One doubts, as it deals with the demands. 

"the greater the doubt; the greater the awakening"
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