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The only way out of our collapsing social plurality; is to know thy self.

We begin by unlocking the mind; for all to see.

Followed by a snapshot of our social backdrop,

ending with a blueprint for a clear Social-Political solution.

2 minutes

"to know, you must first understand how to know"



 Humans have been compared to snowflakes. 

 No snowflake is the same but made up of the very same ingredients. 

 Our combinations of identical personality traits are as varied as snowflakes. 

 The result is that we all interpret things differently, 

 not intentionally, which is very important to know. 

 Within this challenge of varying interpretations, 

 you are taught by others; that their wants are your needs. 

 Understanding these two truths is where your social struggle begins. 

 These are the things school should be teaching; becoming human, knowing what   it is to be human, but it is hidden from you like all things. 

 Cognitive dissonance intervenes when someone tries to awaken you to them; 

 a sense of discomfort is felt; people deny or label conspiracy. 

 You must wake to your "natural reality"... 

"Strong minds discuss ideas,
average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people"

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