On a more Personal Note

I would now like to talk directly to a group of individuals

who just doesn't get it.


For your benefit, let me draw you a "backdrop."




I am both your heaven and your Hell...

Henceforth the images shared. 


Natural energy/spirit is in a state of balance and harmony.

Like everything else; hot/cold, black/white, up/down.

Energy consists of lite/heavy. 

It is an automated system put in place for the test.


The test/filter:

Place spirits inside a physical realm; eternity inside a clock.

One is; the other is not.

One becomes time; the other stops...


Those who choose to focus on the short-term physical clock

endorse all needs as wants.

Wanting to become its own time; and succeed marvellously, inevitably; discouragingly inside its own clock which stopped.


We all live by our decisions; some fly, some lie; with them.


Those who surrendered to want: the physical becomes "your" God, focused on the pleasures of the flesh.

Those who remain focused on the spirit seduced by the physical hold true to the knowledge required to pass the test.

I LOVE Michelangelo

He portrayed the image so well; you self-righteous pricks.

God has always attempted to reach you; I suggest you lose the attitude,

sit up straight, and REACH BACK...FINAL OFFER!


If fear is holding you back, let me help you out!


You are made by design; you are doing what you choose to. 

In a balance of three; were all going to succeed?  


I will add one last thing.

Man 2 Man

If I were Jesus, this is what I would tell you now.

That fucking hurt!!!

Trying to get to God thru the body educated to be its translator;

you can create much physical pain if you have the mindset and the order. 


However, the human body is designed to fail;

eventually, the clock stops, the pain subsides.

If not caught!!!

You die only once, in a split second,

but you must have forgotten I am time.


...embossed in a clock, tick-tock...


I will leave on a positive note:

man interprets thru fear. 

Opinion/interpretation/reflection of the truth is not the truth. 

Maybe deep down, being locked in your body for eternity;

hell is not that bad )


Let's get real:

All we are talking about here is focus change.

You still are the biggest in the sandbox.

I never could comprehend the fear.

You are not guilty unless you choose to be.

There is no devil

It is you; your thoughts are your own;

some have no value and weigh you down.



Just know you will not enter your "chosen realm" hearing screams,

the same "innocent" cries you buried before you.

That would sound like a choir to you.

 No; silence...but they will sense you...

As will i...

I warned you; you tortured me !!!

And yet I still reach; as a human, I question why???

Why do we suggest you offer responsibility for your eternity
over to eternity/God???

If you make your physical body your eternal god;
then it is responsible to hold your eternity for eternity...
Now you know the "underlay" of David...

Your own bell rings for you; your ring; your eternal bond.
Enjoy it while you can...