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"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."


Policy "Suggestions"
For a New World of Reason

Society: Govern by Cause and Effect

Only women and God govern over the children, the elderly, and themselves. 

Men will not question; they will stand, turn, and protect.

You can not take anyones' freedoms away from them. 

This single truth would protect all, and why it does not exist now.

 The answer to our social demise is to act with reason and intent, not by disgust and contempt.

The single flaw in governing with contempt; the words are not written to drive the actions required to complete its scripture.

Free Peoples' Governance

A governor of the people must represent all groups, not just a party set.

No person who represents a party can truthfully say they represent all people. 

This divisive strategy prevents families from growing together.


Therefore, correcting our government is not a procedural issue; it is an ethical issue.


A system must be in place for all to vote on all issues.

With today's technology impossible not to implement.

The peoples' government will invest in its people's future as if their own.

To extend our journey, we must create a new world, with actual change.

Who defines that change defines our FUTURE.

We believe it should be FREE PEOPLE!!!

Free Peoples' Social Structure

All born will be assured all needs are met.


We will no longer govern by appointment.

We will not burden you with this life you were born into.


We no longer define wants as needs.

Nor follow a world based on its false narrative.

Needs; shelter, clothing, food, education, health.  

Wants; all the rest.


Wants are the only things that come with a cost to have.  Therefore to have more, you are motivated to work.  If you choose to remain in the existing system, then you deal with the lifestyle offered.

Free Peoples' Education System

The high schools are not inspiring the students of today.

Nor producing balanced humans.

The children have outgrown the system that was never designed to benefit them.

We must foster growth past its designed limitations.


What it is to be human will be emphasized in the first years.

Children must be aware and enlightened to receive all that is offered.

No more education by expectation. 

All shall grow at their own pace. 

High schools become secondary education. 

You have the opportunity to graduate with a degree.


Faster education will become a massive benefit to all employers.

Educated entry-level employees; higher living wage for students.

Our correctional institutions would become learning facilities. 

Your education has to match your age even to be considered for release.

Remove suppression

Inspire the youth to believe in themselves. 

Free Peoples' Health

If you need medical help, all will be available to you.

But your overall health is not the doctor's responsibility; it is yours.


Motivated Health Practices

People need to re-learn to take responsibility for themselves. 

Independence is the key to eternal health.

Free Peoples' Land Agreement
Free Range Treaty

Farm subsidies are caused by government control.

If you have land, you can grow whatever you want.

Like all entrepreneurs, you are responsible for your own choices.

There is a market for everything.  All you need is an agreement.

Image by Charles Forerunner

Free Peoples' Community

We can not wait any longer to be proactive.


No more partisan economic structures; all industries grow.

No more supporting the current economy and ignoring

the future nor alternative markets.

We need to produce a non-biased revenue model where all interests

are extended and maintained.

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