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Decentralize Elections

Electoral Vote Evolution
All Voices Matter

Even if you don't vote, the way they want you to.

The Electoral Vote has nothing to do with politics.

It removes the BS from politics.

The Electoral Vote does not challenge what you believe in.

Nor does it wish to change your mind.

The Electoral Vote is your guarantee to be heard.

Protect your say in your future.

The Electoral Vote is your opinions vault;

securing your right to be.

The Electoral Vote is your backup and your support;

the guardian of your galaxy.

The Electoral Vote is the only thing protecting your ability to say "NO!!!"

Protect it at all costs.

It comes down to how important are you.

How important you feel defines the importance of your voice.

And how you will secure its future.

Do you genuinely want to leave it to the same lies your parents did?

Have you been listening to them lately?

The Electoral Vote is your voice; 4 yourself.

Your ability to say NO MORE!!!

Now it happens my way!!!


Your voice, your right to be heard, and no one should be able to take it away.

The Electoral Vote demands that your voice, all voices be heard and respected.

It guarantees that whatever is important to you is heard loud and clear!

An Electoral Vote: Means they hear US!!!

The system auto-corrects and apologizes.

Our Own Great Reset.

Well Done )

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