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Voice !!!



We are the wise;

the 1/3 who do not vote because we know it is a waste of time

and full of debauchery.


We are the patient; 

the 1/3 who are tired of this forced vote system.

The system of having to pick the worst-case scenario.

We are the NOW!!!; the new 1/3;

the new men and women who demand a voice of our own.

Our verbatim will not be lost without hearing it first.

If the adults do not lead, they can follow.​

We will become the wave...



We demand free and open elections

where all voices matter, all voices heard, all voices counted!!!

A Known World of Reason!!!

Your world is broken!!!

Your laws; restrictions!

Your systems; containment! 

Your cities; prisons!


"criminals are the court."

Either the system failed or those running it!

The government of, for and by the people; 

includes none of us.

Our ancestors "freely" vote for this every four years. 

Then systematically complain the next four. 

Insanity or hypnotized?

...why change a good thing?

We believe it needs to continue!

Alternatively refined; understood?

1.3 minutes

colin-lloyd-mPxbXzL1_2E-unsplash (1)_edi

To find a solution, you first admit the need; then accept it.

A New World Vision (action figure included)

Directing change from the Boots up!!!

In politics, nothing happens by accident. 
If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."

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