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Vanity is an inverted interpretation of events.
To know your next step, you need to turn around.





 Mirrored Existence/Reality 

 Living within an embossed construct 
created by reflected thought.

 Struggling within the confines of a   reflection of self. 

 Our problems MIRROR our internal reflection. 

 "Thinking" we are talking about reality when it is merely our opinion of it. 

 Incite is flawed by arrogance and denied change thru the same means. 

 When we point a finger, all are reflected back. 

 We reason thru vanity (separation) on how to come together as one. 

 This produces a script; all are birthed into. 

 Mimicking the reality of God. 

 The mirrored self is I, not One. 

 I; point the finger at myself and away simultaneously. 

 One; away to the known God that you think is away.

 Within a mirror, they appear the same.  


 Vanity is a mirrored opinion of reality; it validifies its own interpretations; 

 falling back onto Reality when needing to defend its claims. 


 We, as a species, are staring at ourselves talking about unity; 

 arguing the resulting failed conclusion. 

 It is not what we see, but how we see. 

 You can not stare into a mirror and see past yourself, 

 see outside yourself; nor behind youself. 

 leaving you contained with frustration, leading to insecurity/doubt. 

 That is the expansion of cognitive dissonance. 

 The release is as simple as turning around. 

 Walk with God the known
 Not your reflection you strive to make known. 

An arrogant person considers themself perfect.  
This is the chief harm of arrogance.  
It interferes with a person's main task in life; becoming a better person.
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