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Existence and the reality it is based on, are real.

For all intents and purposes, they define God.

The battle appears to exist between that reality we call truth, and vanity, that says otherwise.

It chose to make itself a God;

defined by itself; 

its nature.

Lets do a quick calculation on human history to date. 

Take the not, add the not, bring over that not,

carry that not, add the point not too.

 Calculation complete.

Not; the answer is not; point not, to be exact.

Formerly known as less than nothing; 

mankind has done nothing.

Each generation simply experiences a groundhog day existence.

Just repeating itself with a new staff.

The new styles and tech of the day offer a visual change to each new generation, however, the base on which all runs;

the infrastructure of the matrix,

remains the same regardless of generation. 

Think mannikin; stalks of grain.

Which ironically, proves Napoleon correct. 

History never added up to the vision which WE  follow.

"I am...." 

Surprisingly, are not words of action.

Riddle me this:

How do you know, you're following your vision, following someone else's???


Or as the French would say;

"haven't I been sometime before"

...bilingualism rocks!!!

Funny in a lot of ways...

with all the problems going on in the world,

man has the simplest task;

explore, learn, discover,

most importantly

accept itself.

Mission Log/Fail...

ed; there is no go...

ing; its time to go...

Never say, "Never"

I have never heard a person say, "never."

For all around them,

stood every reason why not to.

It begins with yourself.



Look at it from

another time-line...

amazing what you will see,

a plethora of possibilities;

and more importantly, what to do next. 

I believe there is a charge in there for you.

You just energized the body by standing on every nerve.


...I am...All I am'


Go, do, run, have your fun;

notch your number one...

Write your own epilogue: 

Everyone loves a good story)


A wee bit of history to carry with you in your travels.

An ancient Gaelic Proverb

"If God ever wanted anything done right; she sent in the Irish."


Ok, OK...there might have been a few Scots... ok, others...

After all, it was the

GREATEST!!!  mix-up

the ONE EarthoO  

has ever known.  )

"slaintѐ mhaith"

‘good health’

"slaintѐ is taintѐ"

 ( slawn-che iss toin-che )

Sip till you figure it out...)


ONE Earth.O


An Earthly Whisper...

...a positive life is a standard life you choose to make so.

Fill your life with brightness, it will help glare over all darkness.

Keep yourself strong; know you are not alone; we all experience the same.

Be there for your friends and family and they will be there for you.


And with that I leave you this;


...enjoy the tour... every time...

fROM "i AM; mE, mYSELF AND i

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