What you are about to read, has never been written.
You are about to embark on a journey never taken;
in the direction, from where we began.
Lifes course is your decision; trust in yourself to navigate the path chosen.
And have no doubt; it is a journey...

My initial intent was to build a site, solely for my son.

I wanted to open his eyes to the world around him. 

First to know himself then the society he is about to step into.


However, it soon morphed into a social-political cure.

As I demand my son's voice heard; all voices echoed.

The solution proposed stands against no one. 

The message; be FREE to be YOURSELF.

The pages are written, to be read in sequence.

They begin with an observation; reality is the great unknown.


I see a world standing together as one; on one Earth. One Truth in opposition to the plural lie.


To unlock the human mind from the thoughts that bind it, contain it and suppress it from within.